Teacup Story – Essay Writing

Leaving her essay to the last minute was always a dangerous game (Genre – General, Rating – PG)

Heather could barely keep her eyes open at her desk.

The clock flashed, taunting her with it’s single digit numbers. The silence of the night was deafening, even Rachel was asleep. Rachel was known for coming in the small hours of the morning blind drunk and making a racket that could wakeup the entire neighbourhood.

And even she was asleep.

Just one more paragraph, Heather thought, as she leafed through her textbook. Her mind was addled with exhaustion, and she could barely read the words on the page. They swum in front of her eyes like fish under the water of the university pond.

“Come on,” she whispered to herself. She reached out and grabbed the packet of chocolate digestives on the side of her desk, pulling out a handful and putting them on top of her textbook and stuffing another two into her mouth.

Come on, she thought, as she chewed on the biscuits, crumbs going everwhere. This topic was stupid, this essay was stupid but it counted for her final exam and the deadline was tomorrow and there was simply no more time.

The biscuits tasted like the food of the gods as she ploughed through the next fifty words. And then the next fifty words. And then two more turns of the textbook, and another three paragraphs.

“Done,” she whispered. The curser sat, blinking on her screen, taunting her.

“Done,” she said, saving the document and closing her computer down. Her eyes ached, her body ached, her stomach felt sick from all the crap she had been eating all day.

“Done,” Heather whispered, putting her head on her textbook, ignoring the crumbs pressing into her face, and promptly falling asleep.

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