Teacup Story – Family

For Islli, her wolff always came first (Genre – Sci Fi, Rating – PG)

The responsibility wasn’t something that came naturally to Islli. It was hard work, it was stressful, to have something so completely dependent upon you for everything. You didn’t get a day off, you didn’t get time out. You were the only person they could rely on for food, water and safety. And you had to provide it to them every day.

Some said that comparing her pet wolff to a child was ridiculous. Children were far harder to control and bring up than a species bred tamed wolf from Earth. Children had views, they wouldn’t eat their food, and they cost a hell of a lot more than a wolf.

And for her, her wolff Uanga was just that. She was spirited and stubborn, she didn’t eat anything other than fresh lamb or chicken from the market, and she would bother Islli for her daily walks and to be let outside almost all of the time.

But Islli disagreed. If you took responsibility of something whether human or otherwise, that responsibility had to come first. Uanga was her life, and Islli would happily put her wolff before anything else.

Uanga was her family, and no one else came first.

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