Teacup Story – Freedom

Hayal was stuck inside a prison, waiting to die. Freedom was a long a distant memory now. (Genre – Fiction, Genre – Action, Rating – 12).


Now that was an interesting concept.

Hayal threw a stone against the wall. It hit with a loud clang, before falling straight to the floor with another clang.

Freedom was something that you only realised you had when you lost it. When you were staring your imprisonment in the eye and knowing you’d never be a free woman again.

Hayal picked up another stone and threw it at the wall.

The whole thing was stupid. She was stupid. She should have known that Lillita would betray her, she always did. It had happened the last time with the Green Bank heist, the robbery of the travelling wagons to Kingscel, even with their very first plan they had done together, the Reike job.

There was a sound at the cell door. Hayal winced as the door squealed open, showing a pair of guards behind it.

They were to take her too her death.

“Hayal Re-aa,” the guard said, “you are charged with high treason, you are sentenced to death.”

Hayal threw another stone at the wall.

Freedom. Wonderful when you had it, awful when you didn’t.

“How do you plead?” the guard said.

Hayal looked at the guard, then at the space behind him. They were dressed in ceremonial dress, slow and heavy. If she was quick, she could just, perhaps, make a bid for freedom.

“Hayal Re-aa,” the guard repeated, stepping into the cell. Hayal made a move to stand up, positing herself in a crouch. She picked up a stone from the floor, small enough to be missed, large enough to be a distraction.

“How do you plead?” the guard said.

“Guilty,” Hayal smirked, throwing the stone directly at the guard’s face.

Then she leapt for the space, and sprinted down the corridor.

Freedom was worth it, whatever the price.

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