Teacup Story – A quiet kind of sadness

Sometimes, sadness does not have to be loud to be powerful (Genre – General, Rating: PG)

The sadness is not a loud, screaming, ugly sobbing sadness.

It is a quiet sadness. An acceptance that this is the way things are. That there are some things you simply cannot change about the world.

A surrender of control to the past as it was.

As it truly was. No sugar coating, no rug sweeping, no hidden skeletons. In the bare light of day, the true horrific nature of the past is laid bare.

And it is sad.

And you have to accept it as it was, not as you wish it would be. Not as you want to re-write it, not as you want to imagine it, but as the cold hard memories that sit in your mind and remind you that this is what happened. Even if the details change, as all memories do, the truth is still there.

It happened.

It will never change.

And most of you, no matter how much you wish for it to go away.

It never will.

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