Teacup Story – Reborn

Lily hated the New Year. It meant that another swathe of idiots had been Reborn as Gods. A giant pain, the lot of them. (Genre – Sci Fi, Genre – Fantasy, Rating – 15, Warnings – Language)

Gerald purred against Lily as she stroked him gently. For once the normally crazy cat was subdued, exhausted from staying up all night because of the fireworks.

It was a new year. Lily didn’t put too much stock in the whole event, the parties or the dramatic resolutions. That was for those who believed they would be Reborn in the New Year, that this would be their year they could ascend to the next plane of existence.

Lily didn’t really care. This life was enough, she had Gerald, she had a decent job, she got through in life. There was no reason to be Reborn yet, not now. Maybe when she was old and dying she might throw in a few pence to the Higher Gods. At the moment, those pennies were better spent on ice cream.

Lifenet was already awash with the notifications of those who had been Reborn. They would come back as Gods among humanity, giving out advice and direction, before returning to their plane of existence. And just because they had become gods didn’t mean that they had to leave their social networking behind.

Lily’s phone bleeped. She reached over Gerald and saw a message from her best mate, Kez.

Ugh, not you too, Lily thought. It was hard enough to keep friendships alive when at any moment your friend could be called to the higher planes to do whatever good deeds or nonsense the Higher Gods required.

Lily flipped her phone open, scrolling down to Kez’ message.

Great, she thought, as she read the message.

HEY LILY! Guess what?! I got Reborn at midnight! Isn’t that awesome? Even better it was smoking VEWI who called me! I get to be a member of her followers now. How cool is that, being chosen by the badass warrior God?

Just like Kez, to focus on the badassness. They had discussed in school for hours who they would want to call them to be Reborn. It was every child’s past time, many picking their family Higher God or some Higher God who piqued their interest. For Kez, it had always been Vewi, the Goddess of Order and Discipline. Whilst her domain reached beyond that of a warrior god, Vewi was typically depicted with more weaponry strapped to her than your average video game character.

A knock came at the door.

“Fuck off,” Lily called.

“Lily Pelnale?” a feminine voice called from the door.

“Who is it?” Lily called back. Her heart leapt into her throat, fear and hope rising inside her. There was something about this voice.

The voice of a god.

“Analo,” the voice replied, “Goddess of Hope. You have been chosen to be Reborn.”

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