Teacup Story – Traffic Jams

Heather and Jacob sat in the Bank holiday traffic, wanting to get to their holiday destination (Genre – General, Genre – Romance, Rating – PG)

“Can we please change the radio?” Heather asked, reaching towards the radio dial.

“Hey,” Jacob said, swatting away Heather’s hand, “my turn for the tunes. That’s what we agreed.”

“I know,” Heather grumbled, glaring at the radio, “but I hate this song.”

“You said it was your favourite song?” Jacob said.

“I’ve listened to it too many times,” Heather groaned. It was one of those songs that you had to have a break from for a bit. Like a few months. Maybe a year.

Probably two years, Heather thought, reshuffling the scarf that was doubling as her pillow. The car crawled forward in the traffic, and even the small breeze that drifted through the open window could not overcome the oppressive heat.

“Got to love bank holidays,” Jacob said, as the song switched over to another from the same album. This one was less annoying, although not Heather’s favourite. It was a gentle, slow tune which lulled her to shut her eyes.

“Not much longer now,” Heather said. She was looking forward to their weekend away, just them. It was stressful enough to deal with families, work and generally life, that it was good to just get away from it all and go somewhere new.

“You sleep,” Jacob said, peering at the sat nav that was resting on the dashboard, “we’ve got another hour yet, and then we have to check in and sort everything out before tomorrow.”

“You’ll be okay driving?” Heather asked.

“I’ll be fine,” Jacob smiled, “you sleep.”

Heather murmured in agreement as she nestled into the scarf. She could hear Jacob change the music over, thankfully it was to something that was calm and peaceful.

Almost there, she thought, almost there.

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