Teacup Story – A red hot iron

A red hot iron – Every journey is hard, to earn the destination. But sometimes, the journey is overwhelming. (Genre – General, Rating – 12)

There is an ethereal beauty in pain.

It is consuming, hot and bright like a burning piece of iron speared into the core of your soul. It defines you, it drives you, it is you.

And then you look outside of yourself, and realise that the pain is not a universal experience. That other people, those normal people, do not have the same piece of iron piecing their soul. They are whole, they are warm, they are welcoming and happy.

It is hard, to consider a world without pain. Because without that pain, without that iron that has been inside you for so long, who are you? Who am I, really, in a world of undefined people and infinite possibilities?

There is no answer for that question, there is just nothing. And no matter how hard you scream, no matter how hard you try, the answer is never easy to find.

The pain is easy. The pain is what you know. The pain is almost comforting.

Happiness is alien. It is a strange, ethereal beast which you cannot understand or pretend to know. It feels strange, it is strange, like a new dish you have tried and you can’t work out the spices of it.

And yet, you know to be like those normal people, those okay people, that is happy. And you want to be happy because whilst the iron is what you know, it still hurts.

But when you pull out the iron, it takes a while for the wound to heal. And during that time, you bleed and bleed and bleed pain that you have kept within for years upon years. It spills out of your soul, your body, until there is nothing left behind.

Just that nothingness again.

Then you have to find comfort in the unknown, and then you need to find comfort in the normalcy of the world.

And then.

And then.

And then.

The journey is never done, not really. Because whilst you pull the iron out, it is still there, just out of your reach. You always have to work to be better, to feel better.

You have to work to reach other’s normal. And for some, they will never understand the mammoth battle that you have to make.

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