Teacup Story – Shadows

Shadows – There are parts of your mind that you do not look into. For those shadows hold secrets, and those secrets are fear. (Genre – General, Rating – 12, Warnings – trauma)

Trauma cannot be contained by mere words.

It is deep, a deep instilling memory that is burned onto the back of your mind. It lies in wait, like a shadow, waiting for you to notice it.

And when you do? When you do notice it?

It is overwhelming, the sense of fear that consumes your waking thought. It is like a nightmare, but you are awake. And from this nightmare, there is no escape because you are awake already and you’re stuck in a loop that you have to let run its course because there is no way to get free.

It is strange, how a method that is supposed to protect you can cause you so much pain. Visceral, real pain from an event that happened years before.

But, like all things do in life, it passes. Sometimes you doubt yourself that the trauma exists, that you are blowing things out of proportion.

But then you think back to the shadow. The dark, looming shadow, and you think.

No, this is my truth. This is my fight. I will defeat you.

I will win.

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