Teacup Story – One thing at a time

Kae looked down upon the valley below to find some semblance of peace (Rating: PG, Genre – General, Genre – Sci-Fi)

Peace, in whatever its forms, is not something that comes naturally.

It is a quiet moment, an absence of thought, when a person can just exist in that one moment. Time, it seems, only moves forward when you rush and forget that there is an entire world around you, existing, breathing, living.

Kae looked up from her writing book, pen poised over the page. Here, from her rooftop garden, she had a view of the entire valley below. It was beautiful, in the sunshine, teeming with life and action. The birds sang in the trees, mimicking the tunes of the farmers in the fields. The drones hovered in the air above, keeping a silent watch for any predators that might try and come down from up on the mountains to attack them. Some in the city thought the drones were a nuisance, or worse, an invasion of privacy, but Kae liked to have the peace of mind that the Protectors could watch the entire village from their central hub a few miles down the road.

Kae nibbled at the end of her pen in thought, a habit she had kept from childhood. Her journal was her current project, a creative edge that her job in the accountancy department of the Local Protectorate Offices wouldn’t allow her to develop.

Kae flipped the page and began to doodle the scene in front of her. Art wasn’t really her strong suit, but still the action of just sketching out lines and focussing on nothing but the world in front of her did help. This was her refuge, this view her happy place, and she could feel the worries of her world melt away as she continued to draw the trees on the horizon or the lumbering AI bots which carved up the fields below, harvesting the most recent crops of food.

She sat there until the air began to turn cold and the sun was dipping lower in the sky. The cold air began to whip its way down the valley, rushing over the rooftops and rustling the trees that enclosed the rooftop space from the prying eyes of the neighbours.

Not great, Kae thought, looking down at the picture, but it’ll do.

She snapped the book shut, and swung her feet from the stool to stand up. She could feel the worries start to creep round the corners of her mind, where would her new job be, could she still live here, what would happen next year? swilling around her in her mind like a rich sauce would be stirred by a cook.

One thing at a time, she thought to herself, one thing at a time.

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