Short Story – Versas

Versas – There were people who could speak to the different ages of themselves, the different version of them throughout a lifetime. Jemma was one of those people. (Rating – PG, Genre – Fantasy, Genre – Sci-Fi).

24 found herself in a rush to the meeting.

It wasn’t exactly her fault. She was tired, she was busy, and she really didn’t want to listen to 80’s moaning that she was late again.

As soon as she thought of it, she found herself in the room. It was the same room ever time, the dining room of their childhood home. 80 had decided that this would be the easiest way to keep 5 and 10 calm, they were still living in that house in the waking world.

“Sorry I’m late,” 24 said, as she slid into her seat. This dream was not like other dreams, the room was fixed as any room in the real world would be upon waking.

“Don’t worry,” 34 said, next to her, “you’re going through a busy time huh?”

24 nodded. A cup of tea appeared in front of her out of thin air, which she grabbed hastily and slurped the caffeine loudly. God, she really needed something alcoholic.

Just as the glass of wine appeared in front of her, it disappeared again.

“No drinking in front of the children,” 80 chastised from the head of the table. 24 shot 80 a dark look as her tea automatically filled up again. She was sure when she was in 80’s position she would be less of an arsehole.

“Give the girl a break,” 28 said from the other side of the table. She sat in her wedding dress, with 5 on her lap playing with the lace tassels in the delighted fashion that only a 5 year old could have.

“I am,” 80 said, “don’t you think I remember that time? Alcohol is not the solution to job woes.”

24 slurped on her tea. Damn 80 and her wisdom.

“Sup, biatches,” 18 said as she sauntered into the room, before slumping down in the last chair at the table and putting her feet on the table. She had bright pink hair, more ear piercing than 24 remembered having, and a look of I-am-not-interested which only a teenager could construct from their facial muscles.

“Language,” 80 chastised.

“Sorry, 80,” 18 responded.

“Right,” 80 said, straightening in her chair as a pad of paper appeared in front of her, “we’re here to help 30 this week. 30, you good to start?”

30, the version sitting next to 80, nodded quietly. 24 looked at the terrified woman, the future version of herself, as she crushed a stress ball in her hand. 34 gave 30 a pat on the back.

“It’s the baby,” 30 said, “it’s driving me mad. It’s not her fault, but Christ I am tired. David’s tired. We’re all just tired.”

“It’ll get better,” 34 said, “wait till they start crawling.

30 gave her a dark look.

“Just remember what you said on your wedding day,” 28 said, bumping 5 up and down on her knee, “you meant those vows when you said them?”

“Of course,” 30 said, “you of all people should know that.”

“Then you’ll get through it,” 28 said, smiling as 5 began to clap her hands with joy at being bounced up and down.

30 nodded.

“It’s just hard,” she said.

“That’s what life is all about,” 80 said, “life isn’t meant to be easy, not would it be any better if it was.”

“Yeh,” 18 said, looking up from her phone, “plus least you get to be a mum. You know how much you’ve wanted to have that.”

30 smiled.

“She’s cute,” she said, glancing at 80, “not that I’m giving any spoilers, but she is cute.”

“Can we see a photo?” 18 asked.

“Spoiler,” 80 said.

“Ugh,” 18 said, “why do you have to be a party pooper.”

“Because whilst we do not remember the details of this dream,” 80 said, “you know of the stories of those Versas which shared spoiler with one another? It almost blew up an entire town with the space-time paradox.”

“I know,” 18 said, “just asking.”

“Is he nice?” 24 asked.

“Who?” 30 said.


30 glanced at 80 who pursed her lips tightly, before nodding, just slightly.

“He’s great,” 30 said, at the same time as 28 said “he’s wonderful.”

“You meet him unexpectedly,” 34 said, “and it’s not easy, but it’s worth it.”

“Makes the job problems worth it?” 24 asked.

“Hell yes,” 28 said, “I would go through those problems a million times over to meet David.”

24 smiled. That gave her some comfort. There was hope, in the future, just somewhere.

“And he never stops loving you,” 80 said, “not ever.”

“That’s good to know,” 24 said, “thank you for allowing that, 80.”

“We all need a little hope once in a while,” 80 said, “now, if we don’t have any other business?”

The rest of the versions shook their heads in unison. 5 was playing with a teddy she had conjured up in thin air. It was her favourite teddy, 24 still had that teddy in her flat now.

“Okay,” 80 said, “I wish you all well, Good luck.”

“You too, 80,” 24 replied, as she felt the dream begin to collapse in on itself. It wasn’t like a normal dream, it kind of melted away like fog in sunlight, until she found herself hanging in a black space, just between sleep and waking up.

I’ll be alright, 24 thought to herself, and my future self will be alright as well.

And with that 24, the version of Jemma O’Reily who was 24 years old, fell into a peaceful sleep.

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