Teacup Story – Something, Someone

Something, Someone – Just because it is gone does not mean that it is forgotten (Genre – Angst, Genre – General, Rating – PG)

Just because something, someone, is gone, does not mean that it was worthless.

It is not the end of the memory which decides the content. It is not the closure of the book that decides the story. It is not the bookend that decides what stories are held in the middle of the shelf.

Something might be gone, and you might miss it. You will ache, you will hurt, you will mourn. Someone is gone and you will cry for them. You will call out for them. You will wish for a different outcome.

Reality does not change for the mere wishes of humans. It is far stronger than the desires of the mind.

Just because something is gone does not mean that you should fear what is to come. Just because someone is gone does not mean you should fear what life will bring.

It was happy. They were happy.

Your memories are happy.

So cherish them, give them worth, breathe life into the thoughts that sit inside your mind.

And move towards tomorrow.

Move towards your goals.

Move towards your future.

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