Teacup Story – New Life

New Life – Violet loved to watch her garden in the early spring, celebrating the new life that came with the warmer months. (Genre – General, Rating – PG)

Violet’s favourite time of year was the early spring, when the first hint of life was starting to show in the garden.

There was something magical in the way that life began again in the spring, after having been dormant for the winter months. Trees that were bare now had tiny buds appearing all along their branches, hints of the colour that was to come later in the year. The crocus flowers were just starting to appear, blooming in the cold spring sunlight to add a patch of colour to the otherwise dark soil. Even the grass, once dull and flat, was now growing tall towards the sunlight above.

Violet loved to just take in the newness of it all, breathe in the new life that was all around her. The world had produced new life every spring for millennia, no matter what darkness or evil stood in her way. Mother Nature had a way of bringing hope back to the world with the longer days and shorter nights.

Violet’s visits to the garden weren’t long, not at this time of year. Sure, there were a few weeds to pull up and a few plants to repot, but at the moment the garden was in a space of transition from dead to alive. In a few months, she would have more work to do tending to the plants and encouraging them to flower.

For now, however, she could just marvel at nature’s power and enjoy the peace of her garden.

2 thoughts on “Teacup Story – New Life

  1. So peaceful and contented-feeling! Love seeing the new growth in the spring and the feeling of hope it gives!


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