Teacup Story – Big Day

Big Day – Tiffany woke up on the morning of her wedding with a sense of peace that she had never felt before (Genre – General, Rating: PG).

Tiffany opened her eyes to a haze of light.

It was morning, that much she knew. The light was streaming in through the curtains which had been haphazardly pulled across by her sister the night before. The rays danced across the wall, illuminating the motes of dust that drifted through the air like snowflakes.

She watched the dust motes for a few minutes, just allowing the peaceful movement to quell the nerves in her stomach. Her hangover wasn’t as bad as she had expected, although that was probably because her sister, Maid of Honour and Head of All Things Impromptu, Lucy, had forced her to drink copious amounts of water the night before. Apparently, the rehearsal dinner was not the time where you got hammered, even if you were the bride.

“You awake?” Lucy whispered from the other bed.

“Yeh,” Tiffany whispered back.

“You ready?” Lucy asked, “today’s the big day.”

Was she ready? Tiffany had no idea, in all honesty. She and Ian had spent hundreds of pounds on this event, many stressful and late nights planning it, and now it was here.

Was she ready for today? Not necessarily. Did she want to get married to Ian?

A hundred times yes.

“Always,” Tiffany replied, “you think it’s too early to get up yet?”

“Never,” Lucy replied, “let’s do this.”

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