Teacup Story – Unwanted Problems

Unwanted Problems – Wendy had to agree that this week had been the worse. The only solution was alcohol (Rating – 15, Genre – General, Genre – Romance, Warnings: discussion of unwanted pregnancies).

Wendy sat in the dark, listening to only music, and cried her heart out.

It just hurt too much. First her job, then Jeffery leaving, then this, the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

The positive result.

It was more than heartbreaking. It was the terrifying unknown, it was the fact that she felt like a prisoner trapped in her own body. Even her body was not her own, not now, it was a place to grow another life that she could not support, she could not love, that she did not want.

It was easy for Jeffery. He just walked away.

She had to sit here with the consequences and make a fucking hard decision.

She would call her brother in the morning, and talk to her sister in law. Maybe she would call her mother too, although Wendy doubted that would help much at all. Her mother would likely blame her for Jeffery leaving, blame her for this problem, blame her for not listening to her all those years ago when she first started dating.

As if this was all her fault. As if everything was her fault.

She poured herself a large glass of wine, and then downed it in one. It tasted cheap, it tasted shit, but it was something to taste. It dulled her terror, it dulled the entire world, giving her some brief semblance of peace that meant she could just listen to her music.

This is so fucked up, Wendy thought, as she poured herself another glass of wine. She hoped the alcohol would knock her out, she could deal with the shitstorm in the morning.

For now, she enjoyed her alcohol and music, and let her dark thoughts disappear in a haze of drunkenness.

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