Teacup Story – Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow

Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow – a story about the present moment. (Genre – General, Rating – PG)

Every day is a new day.

New opportunity.

New adventures.

New trials.

Every day that is gone is in the past.




The past is untouchable, it cannot hurt me or you. It lives in the shadows of our minds, sometimes haunting us from our present moment.

Today is the present.

Opportunity is round the corner, waiting for you.

Adventures are hiding, making you work to find them.

New trials lurk in the wings, making your anxious.

But there is also this moment. And that moment. And that moment.

They are not the past, or the future, or the present.

They just are, like the stars in the sky just are.

A constant passing of time, a constant guiding force pushing you towards tomorrow.

So whilst you look for tomorrow, and try to forget yesterday, don’t forget those moments. They make your present bearable, they make it peaceful.

They make it happy.

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