Teacup Story – New Sofas

New Sofas – On balance, a holiday wasn’t as important as a new sofa. (Genre – General, Genre – Romance, Rating – PG)

Gemma loved Christmas time.

There was no snow, there never was in Britain. But the raindrops that tapped against the window played a gentle tune against the crackle of the log fire that David had lit a few hours ago. It was glowing a gentle red now, making the room lovely and toasty warm.

Bernie, their cat, was curled up in front of the fire. It was his favourite place in the house. Okay, maybe second favourite place, his first place would be on the windowsill in the kitchen where he could watch the world go by. He was getting elderly now, but he still had the curious twinkle of mischief in his eyes that Gemma had fallen in love within in the animal shelter all those years ago.

“It’s amazing how it’s Christmas already,” Gemma said, picking up her feet and allowing David to sit down on the sofa as well. She placed her odd socked feet on top of his lap, accepting the warm mug of tea gratefully.

“It’s not Christmas yet,” David chided, “we’ve got a week to go yet.”

“But it feels like it,” Gemma said, shifting to make herself comfortable on the sofa. That was one of the things they were going to get in the new year, a new sofa. “And it’s another year gone.”

“A busy year,” David said, pointing to Gemma’s ring. Gemma smiled.

“That doesn’t get to qualify the entire year as busy!” she chided, “but we definitely need more holidays next year.”

“Instead of a sofa?” David asked.

Gemma paused.

“Sofa,” Gemma said, “definitely sofa.”

“Nothing says home like a good sofa,” David said.

“Hah,” Gemma laughed, “I always thought you said home was were the heart was.”

“Your heart loves a good sofa,” David replied, “all I have to find is a good sofa, and I’ll find you.”

Gemma stuck her tongue out at David.

“You’re mean,”

“And yet you love me,” he replied.

“Course I love you,” Gemma smiled, wiggling her hand, “I said yes remember?”

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