Teacup Story – Dance

Dance – Pippa’s favourite thing to do on a Friday night was to dance. (Genre – General, Rating – PG)

Pippa’s favourite activity to do on a Friday night was to turn up some music and just dance.

She didn’t have a large flat. To call it a flat was being generous, it was one space with a separate bathroom. There wasn’t much room, and sometimes it felt crushingly small, but it was home.

She had a tiny window that overlooked the street below. In the distance, she could see the flickering lights of the skyscrapers that towered high into the sky, making their own constellation of lights instead of the stars of the universe. The walls barely kept out the incessant noise of the traffic that ran along the road below her, a barrage of horns that held no melody or tune. But to Pippa, it was the sound of her home, her city.

She switched her stereo onto the random playlist that Spotify suggested. The speakers blasted the music through the air, making it throb with the beat.

I’m probably going to get shouted at by The Harpy again, she thought, but fuck it. Now is my time.

And so, in her trackies and t-shirt, she danced around the room without a care in the world.

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