Teacup Story – Thoughts of Colours

Thoughts of Colours – Each colour represents certain thoughts. (Genre – General, Rating – PG)


Warmth. Fireside reading. Cosy hugs on the sofa. Love, lust and desire. Sunsets and Sunrises. Ends and beginnings. Anger and fear. Roses, flowers and petals.


Cooling breeze. Seaside and horizons. Waves lapping against the shoreline. Bright, clear skies with no clouds in sight. Cold fingertips and cold toes. Feeling sad, feeling calm, feeling regretful.


Grass, New life, new growth, new leaves. Springtime sunshine on dewdrops. Tulips and bees. Hope for the future and calm in the face of the past. Emeralds and diamonds. Exquisite clothes. Cocktails and late nights. Go.


Sunshine. Happiness. Bright smiles and sand beneath your toes. Warmth and kindness. Flowers and springtime. Sunlight breaking through the clouds after a rainstorm. Delicious food and gentle music. Restaurant. Date. New beginnings.


Bright lights. Blinding. Peaceful. Clean. New starts and new journeys. Diamonds.

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