Teacup Story – Nature of Wishes

Nature of Wishes – Sometimes, you can wish for the future, but it doesn’t mean that is the way the future will be. (Rating – PG, Genre – General)

Wishes are as tangible as thoughts.

They’re hopes, desperate hopes, for a future. Not just any future, a specific future, an event.

They’re all consuming. They’re powerful beyond measure. They shine brighter than the stars.

And they burn when they’re unfulfilled. They leave a gaping black hole, a scar on one’s heart, that takes time to heal. That hole is filled with despair, with grief, and with disappointment.

The future is just around the corner, and it is a corner you cannot see. You can wish all you like, and yet the future will still be hidden.

So maybe, instead of a wish for the future, today I will wish in the present. I will breathe in the now and leave the future around its hidden corners.

I’ll find out what lies down that road when I come to it.

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