Teacup Story – Small Moments

Small Moments – Lil and Kial try a new recipe for dinner. (Rating: PG, Genre: General)

For Lil, there was nothing better than a good dinner at the end of the day.

The sun was hanging low in the sky, making the vines on the orchards below turn to a gentle red colour. The climate on the north of Mega-1 was perfect for these kind of tropical Earth fruits, and Lil’s family had owned the house on the hill and the vineyards below for hundreds of years.

“This worked well,” Kial commented. Lil could hear the pride in her voice. After all, getting an ancient electric fan oven that had been lurking in the roof had taken her an entire day in the garage to get working on the modern day dark matter circuits.

Lil nodded in agreement as he shoved another roast potato in his mouth. This dinner was typical of England, a small country that had once existed long ago on Earth. The recipe was all the range at the moment, as a cookbook from that time had been uncovered in the excavations back on Earth. Lil had been dying to try it out for ages, and finally Kial and he had finally found a moment to actually spend the time together to make it.

“It’s almost a bit like a pevrativan dish,” Lil said, mopping up the gravy, “although it’s totally different in the electric oven. How on earth did our ancestors deal with waiting for hours for food to cook?”

Kial raised one of her delicate eyebrows and laughed. Lil couldn’t help but feel the love burst in his chest. They might have been married for nigh on 30 years, but his love for his wife still burned as true as the day he first met her.

“You wouldn’t have survived,” she remarked, “you barley manage the fifteen minutes for food to cook with our modern technology.”

“I might have eaten my arm in the meantime,” Lil said.

“Hardly tasty,” Kial said, “and not as good as your cooking, dear.”

“You only love me for my cooking,” Lil joked.

Kial smiled.

“How on earth do you think I put up with you all these years?” she replied.

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