Teacup Story – Boredom

Boredom – Kelsey hated being bored, more than anything else. She would rather be out there killing zombies (Rating: T, Warnings: Violence)

Kelsey didn’t mind the boring days, as long as they weren’t often.

Its was nice, on occasion, to have one of those days where you didn’t have to do anything. Just the normal, bog standard day at work and then piss off at 5pm and get home early to chill out. It gave her space to think, space to catch up with friends, and just a bit of time to dial the stress levels down a few notches.

However, now they were becoming more often than not. It was starting to drag, and Kelsey could notice it in her personality and demeanour.

It started by getting into work late. Now it wasn’t like anyone gave a hell about what time you got in, the apocalypse kind of did screw around with everyone’s idea of a ‘working week’. However, on a good day she would get in early, review the comms from the previous night’s activities, and review the team sheets for who was supposed to be sent into the field to kill zombies.

Now, however, she had nothing. No comms, no teams to review, nothing.

It was all a bit dull.

She would still drag her sorry ass to her station by at least 10am, just because that was when the fruit got put out and goddamit she was not going to miss the one opportunity a day to have food that wasn’t from the regen packs that Catering passed as food.

But even when she had her bowl of fruit and sat in her swivel chair next to the Captain’s seat, there was nothing to do. The last comm reports were 2 weeks old, and the entire station was on quiet mode so they didn’t get attacked by the zombie incursion which had kicked off four weeks ago.

“I’m bored,” Kelsey said to the empty bridge room.

It didn’t help that there were so few left in the station. Most had gone off to fight the new incursion, following Phevra and her coup. Kelsey had to respect Phevra, after all she was only doing what she thought right. Even at fifty, which was getting on in years in this new world, she had years of experience behind her and a stubborn attitude that the world could be made good again.

Kelsey tapped the comms buttons with her foot absent mindedly. The Comms screen flashed up on the dashboard in front of her, flickering into light from the lasers which projected the 3D image.

Kelsey popped another strawberry into her mouth, munching on it as she reviewed the flickering lines of information that were scrolling down the screen.

What a  minute, she thought, what’s that?

She stuck her foot into the screen to stop it scrolling down automatically. With a few flicks of her ankle, the screen zipped back up to stop on the line that had caught her interest.

Aw hell, she thought, as she smacked the communication alert button with her free hand. The red light began to flash ominously as the link was established.

“Phevra,” Kelsey said, “you got an update for us finally?”

“Yep,” Phevra’s voice crackled over the comms. She sounded tired, far unlike her usual self which was to take the piss out of anyone who crossed her path.

“Like to tell me what is is?” Kelsey asked.

“The Afterlifes were pushed back to Ivan’s crossing,” Phevra said, “but they’ve regrouped. And respawned.”

“Respawned?” Kelsey asked, “how?”

“Don’t know, don’t care,” Phevra said, “I’d  like some backup please.”

“That might be hard to get, you’re not well liked,” Kelsey remarked, popping another strawberry into her mouth. These were tasty, and fresh too. She would have to ask Luke where he got this supply from.

“It’ll keep you entertained,” Phevra remarked, “stop you from getting bored.”

With that, the comm line clicked off.

“Fine,” Kelsey remarked, as she jabbed the other comms button with her ankle. The light flashed blue this time, as the comm link was established.

“You’d better have a good reason to wake me up now, Commander Indigo,” Captain Evas barked down the line.

“Call in from Phevra,” Kelsey said, “the zombies-“

“Afterlives,” Captain Evas corrected.

“-have respawned near Ivan’s crossing. She want’s backup. Now.”

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