Teacup Story – And so the stars, they die

And so the stars, they die – yes, it is true that even the stars will die (Rating: PG, Genre: General, Genre: introspection).

Even the stars die.

It is just the way things are.

But it doesn’t mean that things cannot be forever, because when stars die their energy goes out into the universe, spreading far and wide across the vacuum.

The star does not disappear. There is something of it that remains behind, the energy that is now coalescing to form new stars.

And so the star may no longer give out light, and you may not be able to see it anymore. But that does not mean that its effects on the universe have ceased, they have just become different.

And so, yes, even the stars die. But it does not mean the universe itself dies. Instead, it is just the way the universe works, and sometimes not all of its workings can be understood.

It is just the way things are.

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