Teacup Story – The Small Things

The Small Things – The world is full of so many events that go unnoticed. But that doesn’t mean they are not as important. (Genre – General, Rating – PG)


You feel it? The silence between thoughts?

It’s the space of decisions which are made by the heart. The ones that are said from the depths of your very soul.


You hear it? The peaceful calm that spreads through your bones?

It’s the universe telling you that it’s okay to just breathe today. To simply exist and do nothing more. It lies between action and stillness, the moment of the indrawn breath, held in the lungs.


You know that touch? That warming embrace at the end of a long day?

It’s the calming hug that comes from the one you love. The one that you can fall into, like water falling over the edge of a cliff. It is natural, it is constant, it is beautiful.


There is something distinctive in the air.

It’s the smell of salt on the air. It is the grittiness of sand caught in the wind, and the bite of the cold air on your skin. It is the world flowing by you as you sit by the sea, just enjoying the day for what it brings.


You know that texture? It is from a warm home cooked dinner that you devour with earnest.

It reminds you of safety, of comfort. It reminds of the time you first tried to make this dish and it went oh so wrong but you both laughed about it anyway and got at takeout instead.


You see it, the world moving around you every day.

You see the curvature of the sky against the horizon, and the distance stars as they move through the night sky. You see the butterfly land on a flower, or the tiny plant begin to bud and grow.

You see the little things, those tiny little things in the world that all exist and make you smile.

They might be small, but they have meaning. All you have to do is notice them.

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