Teacup Story – Lighter

Lighter – Maria played the piano to escape from the memories of her past. (Genre – Gen, Rating – PG)

Maria played the piano as a final farewell to all those memories that she did not want to relive.

It was a strange experience, letting go. To Maria, her memories were ingrained into her, those memories of the past that she could imagine, but she could not touch. It was as if she watched a film through a frosted glass window, as images she remembered were distorted with time.

The past couldn’t be touched, not now. It was nothing more than half forgotten thoughts that Maria carried with her every day. The coarse words, the failures, the memories that had been buried and repressed. They were so heavy, had been so heavy, and it was time to let them go.

As Maria played, fingers dancing across the keys in a pattern that only her subconscious knew, she brought up those heavy thoughts, the coarse words, the failures. She would imagine them hovering in front of her mind’s eye, dancing like a candle’s flame, as she forced herself to feel with every fibre of her being.

Then she would let it go. It would drift away with the music from the notes of the piano, out into the world.

She continued to play until her fingers were too sore to play. It was only then that she stopped, allowing the silence of the room to fall around her as the final few notes drifted off into nothing.

Maria allowed herself to enjoy the silence, just for a few moments, before standing up, and shut the piano lid with a reverent delicacy.

Then she walked back to the real world, the weight on her shoulders feeling considerably lighter.

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