Story – In Short

Not every story has to be long to say what it needs to say. (Rating -PG, Genre – General, Genre -flash fiction) Image Credit – Kim MyoungSung, Flickr

A story doesn’t have to be long to be a story.

Of course, the best stories have detail and description. They suck you in and won’t let you rise up for air until you realise that your bus has arrived or your stop is called over the station.

But just because those stories, those stories with adventure and magic and mystery to their name, are long doesn’t mean that every story that has to be told has to be long.

Sometimes, simple words convey a story.

And this story?

This is the story of quiet moment in the early morning sunrise. It is the story of silent drives home that are full of thought and wonder. It is staring at the stars and feeling the sheet beauty of the universe weighing down upon your small, mortal shoulders.

Happiness, some might call it. I, however, would disagree. It is more than mere happiness, because happiness is bright like the full midday sunshine.

This is more mellow, and a mellower story too. It is not sharp, but it is just as sweet.

It is the feeling of being home.

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