Teacup Story – Dancing Free

Letya loved to dance.

She could just feel the thrum of the music moving through her veins as she swayed in time to the beat. The band were brilliant, throwing out tune after tune into the cold evening air. Around her, people swirled and danced with abandon.

It was a wedding, after all. At weddings, everything was happy.

Letya tapped her feet, spinning around so fast that the reds and golds of the bunting around the dancefloor swirled into a kaleidoscope of colours. Stars had just begun to peek through the dark blue sky, shimmering with their ethereal light to provide enough light to dance.

In the corner of the dance floor, Letya’s brother and his new bride danced in their own world. Letya was so happy for her brother, and delighter to make Marei her new sister. She had only known Marei for a year, as Bevren had met her out in the Northern Plains when he had been posted up country. It amused Letya greatly how easily it was to tell whose family was whose, those from the south wore bright bold colours and had the traditional headpieces laced into their hair. Marei’s family, on the other hand, wore the dark blues and greens that were associated with their clan, pale skin blanched against the dark colours of the fabric. Most of them had their hair pulled up in severe hairstyles that Letya thought looked painful to wear.

But instead Letya danced. Her feet twirled and her soul sung with the music. She smiled, and laughed because she was free.

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