Teacup story – Moments

Moments – What is a moment? (Genre – General, Rating – PG)

What is a moment?

I suppose you could say moments are like the stars in the sky. Some are bold, shining out amongst the rest, stark against theinky black veil that they rest again. These are the moments that can change a person, they are the ones that people will point to and say ‘that there, that star in the sky, that was something huge and special and wonderful’.

Yet the night sky would be nothing without a multitude of stars. Hidden in the folds of the black universe, there are the smaller stars.  These are the stars can only be seen if people know they are there, the stars that are made up of smiles and laughter, the stars that represent every kiss or touch even if it is barely more than a few seconds.

Like stars, there can be billions upon billions of moments, all shining across infinity at the same time. Yet even though there are billions of stars in the universe, no star is the same. And likewise every moment is not the same. Each one is a snapshot of a time or a place that represents something.

What is a moment, you ask?

It is memory.


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