Teacup story – Thank you

Thank you – There were some nights when Elsie would wake up and just look over at the person sleeping next to her. (Genre – General, Genre – Romance, Rating – PG)

There were some nights when Elsie would wake up and just look over at the person sleeping next to her.

Of course, Tony was still asleep. He was perfectly still, only the gentle rise and fall of his chest giving away any hint that he was still alive whilst in the deep grasp of his dreams. The dim light barely illuminated his features, but Elsie didn’t need light to know where the gentle curve of his cheekbones lay or the soft furrow just above his eyebrows. She would just watch him sleeping, ever so still and peaceful, wondering how on earth she could have been so lucky.

Now, of all times, Elsie felt complete.

It was like a puzzle. After so long of just existing, now there was a reason to smile wider at the morning sunrise or keep her chin held high. She didn’t need to let the doubts and words of her past consume her thoughts, because she knew that Tony cared about her and that was all she could ever ask for.

It was strange, how caring he really was. She could see it in his eyes when he looked at her in the morning, when he gently brushed the stray wisp of hair from her face. No, it wasn’t strange, it was just surreal. As if she was going to wake up from this perfect dream and be returned to the old reality she used to know before Tony had come barrelling into her life with his stupid smile and his stupidly lovely laugh.

I’m just lucky, she thought, smiling a little to herself. There were many things she still wasn’t sure about, there were thousands of reasons why she should just listen to the doubts and worries that lurked in the dark corners of her mind. Elise had always hated the night, before, as it would contain the moments of self damnation that would allow the black cloud of negativity to swarm over her thoughts.

Now, the night was a moment of peace. It was the moment between heartbeats, the moment to pause and reflect, the moment to appreciate the beauty of life.

All because of Tony.

Elsie reached out and placed her hand ever so gently on Tony’s cheek, her touch light enough not to wake him from his dreams.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

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