Teacup story – Human

Human – Sometimes, she sits in a cafe and watches the world go by. (Genre – General, Rating – 12)

No one saw her.

Well, that wasn’t technically true. Of course people saw her, but their eyes would slide over her. To them, she was just a background piece in the universe. A piece which was forgotten by the crowd.

Her favourite place was coffee shops. It made her feel like she was in the middle of some great dramatic piece of drama, with each person playing their required part. Then, maybe, if everyone had a required part, she had a reason to wake up in the morning.

Some days, like today, she felt like she was walking through thick syrup. The world around her seemed to stick in a way that she couldn’t fully describe. Everything was hard on those days, just going through her routine was difficult. Her mind kept whispering to her: what is the point?

On her good days, she smiled. Oh how she smiled, she practically radiated joy that shined out from the depths of her very soul. The world seemed brighter somehow, almost a miracle of wonder to explore. On those days, when she sat in a coffee shop, the world would be magnificent. She would wonder what those people were doing, those stranger’s faces which strode past with such determination.

In some ways, she thinks, everyone in the world is just like her. There are days when every human must feel lonely, so lonely that they see only hues of grey when they look out of the window. Then there are other days, the days when a person can celebrate and smile with the joy of just being alive.

Yes, she thinks to herself, the world is just like me. After all, we are only human.

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