Teacup Story – Life

Life – What is life? (Genre – General, Genre – Free writing, Analysis, Rating – PG)

What is life?

Life is complicated. It is the experience of humanity, with all its imperfect flaws, as every person struggles through their day.

Life is perception. It is the way a person looks at the word around them, viewing the world through their own prism of experience.

Life is mistakes. It is the way a person makes a mistake, and then learns from it. It is the way mistakes happen even if you try your very hardest.

Life is learning. You learn new things, new expressions, new words. You interact in different ways, you change your behaviour, you try new things. You test, taste, try a whole myriad of experiences to enrich your own experience.

Life is failure. It is the void of the future, black and thick with unfinished works and improbable outcomes. It is the tears on your face, the alcohol in the glass, the chocolate wrappers left on the kitchen side. It is the struggle to continue, it is the way you pick yourself up and stand tall again.

Life is control. It is using methods that are tried and tested to make a known outcome.

Life is letting go. It is trusting in the world, this crazy, brilliant world that things will work out in the end. It is taking a step back, taking a deep breath and shutting your eyes. It is leaping off the proverbial cliff, it is leaping off the literal cliff.

Life is thrills. It is fast paced, pushing yourself and your limits even further.

Life is opportunity. It is grabbing onto your future with both hands and shaking it until you get what you want. It is opportunities you weren’t expecting, you couldn’t expect, you didn’t expect-in-a-million years. It is capitalising on opportunities, it is forging your own path.

Life is a journey. It is a personal journey, a path no other human being has ever walked or ever will walk. It has its own twists and turns, independent of other’s lives. It intertwines with other paths, those people that you cannot and will not ever let go. It leaves paths of people you drift away from, those you cut off, those you grow out of.

Life is forgiveness. It is the realisation that the past cannot be changed but the future can still be written.

Life is a person. It is your life you lead, the one you have created and the path you still have to create. It is personal, it is unique, it is special.

But most of all, it is beautiful.

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