Teacup Story – Stars and Singing

Teacup story – a story short enough to fit into a teacup.

Stars and Singing – On a group camping trip, Kate found herself looking to the stars for her council. (Genre – General, Rating – 12, Warnings – Swearing)

Kate found the stars peaceful.

The rest of the camp were down at the main firepit, she could hear their laughter bubbling up towards where the tents were. She had told the others she was only coming back to get her water bottle, but in truth it was so she could peer up at the universe above her without the bright firelight getting in her way.

And Nick, her mind whispered to her, you wanted to get away from him.

Get away would be an incorrect term. She liked the man, she liked the man far too much, and that was her problem. She couldn’t think straight around him, her thoughts turned as distant as the stars which drifted above in the heavens. In some ways, she wished she had never met Nick, then she could regain control of her own mind once more.

The stars, however, told her to stay calm. After all, in the scale of the greater universe, her lifespan was barely a dot on the timeline. The stars would continue to turn, the world would continue to spin. Even when the earth was consumed by the sun and the stars in the sky were no more, then there would be new stars and a new sky for her decedents to look upon.

“Get a grip,” Kate muttered to herself, hand tightening around the plastic bottle. She was supposed to be the sane one, after all she had spurned every romantic comedy that Beth had attempted to throw at her. The way things went was that she got along with her life without being irritated by insufferable fools, even if they did have nice hair.

“OI! TIM PLAY DISNEY SONGS!” Beth’s voice bellowed across the campsite.

Kate rolled her eyes. Her friend had a habit of making people listen to her, which made people mistakenly believe she was bossy. Beth only told things like it was, and if she didn’t like you she would tell you to your face.

It was refreshing. No dancing about, nothing. Just straight up facts.

Wish my brain would do that, Kate thought to herself, as she made her way back towards the campsite. Beth was up dancing with Nathan, who was trying to do his best impression of Simba from The Lion King.

Christ, I’m friends with a bunch of idiots, Kate thought, as she drew up with the group. Now was the hard part, she could take her original place next to Beth on the edge of the bench, or force her way in next to Nick.

Part of her mind screamed in fear at the thought of making a move. It was totally out of character, and something she certainly wouldn’t always consider.

Kate glanced up at the stars, lining the heavens in all their majesty and wonder.

The Universe is too big to give a shit, Kate thought, as she strode over towards were Nick was sitting and forced her way onto the bench. Beth gave her a quick smile once she knew what Kate was attempting.

“Lemme in,” Kate said to Nick, “my arse is freezing out here.”

Nick raised an eyebrow.

He does have a really nice face.

“Your arse?” he asked, “not sure how much warmer it is sitting down.”

He was joking, she could tell. One of the reasons she liked the man so much was their ability to fire off jokes at lighting speed to one another to see who could make the worse pun.

“I’ve got a PHD in physics,” Kate said, “my words is basically law. Move up, I want a warm bum.”

“Pulling rank?” Nick made a face as he shuffled up, “my Masters degree feels inadequate.”

“Still means I want a warm bum,” Kate said, sitting down, finally. The rest of the group had seemingly ignored their conversation, but Kate’s heart was beating wildly.

Beth gave her a thumbs up as Tim started up the beginning of the Hakuna Matata theme from The Lion King. Kate smiled back at her friend, tucking her water bottle behind her feet.

That wasn’t so hard after all, Kate thought. She joined in with the rest of the group singing raucously, unable to keep the smile from appearing on her face.

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