Teacup story – Pity

Pity – Tabatha pitied the Powereds. After all, they were all going to die. (Genre – General, Genre – Fantasy, Genre – Adventure, Rating – 12, Universe – Revenge of the Past)


“I pity you,” Tabatha spat at the woman curled up at her feet. Rage pummelled through her, thick hot anger gripping her veins. It took all of her control not to visibly shake, even if her victim would not be able to see it because of her heavy cloak.

“Do you?” Meq coughed, spitting blood onto the cobblestones, “do you really? I’m surprised you even understand what emotion is.”

Tabatha kicked Meq in the stomach again. Bastard didn’t understand the concept of common decency.

“I pity you,” Tabatha whispered, venom entering her voice as she knelt down next to Meq’s shuddering body, “because you still fight. Give up now, Meq, it’s over.”

“You think?” Meq spluttered, “you’ll be found for this, Tabatha, my friends are more powerful than your friends.”

“Hardly,” Tabatha replied, sitting back on her heels as she watched Meq die in front of her, “your friends aren’t here today, they won’t be here for me. You’re useless, Meq, and you screwed me over.”

“It’s what everyone does-”

“I know that,” Tabatha hissed, “and I’m fed up of it. I am tired of people stepping over me, I’m sick of people ignoring me, and I hate people like you who think they can use me.”

“You’ll fail,” Meq coughed, “you don’t have the Power.”

Ah yes, the Power. The ability to reach into the Power of Nature herself and affect the world around you.

“I don’t need it to kill you,” Tabatha said, “it doesn’t help you dying on the street now.”

“You won’t survive,”

“Growing plants faster doesn’t help you,” Tabatha said, nodding to the dying plants that lay about them both on the cobblestones. Meq had attempted to strangle Tabatha to death with the plants, but had failed to consider that Tabatha knew how to fight a Powered.

You just conned them into thinking you were helpless and stabbed them in the middle of their ridiculous speeches about what was right and wrong, and how everything they did was justified by Mother Nature.

“You’ll be dead,” Tabatha whispered, “and all of your kind will be dead before you ruin our world any longer.”

“Your personal vendetta against us won’t keep you alive.”

“Doesn’t have to,” Tabatha smiled, “as long as more of you are dead when I die then I’ll die happy.”

Meq tried to reply, but blood filled her mouth instead. Tabatha watched as the woman begun to convulse, sufforcating on her own bile and blood as her injuries took hold of her.

“Goodbye,” Tabatha said, standing up and turning away from Meq. The other woman continued to cough and splutter as Tabatha walked down the abandoned street, past the dilapidated houses that were a hallmark of the Powered’s reign over the world.

They will all die, Tabatha thought, Meq’s spluttering fell into a deathly silence, they will all pay for the destruction they have caused.

I will save the world.

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