Teacup story – Breakfast at the Bakery

Teacup story – a story short enough to fit into a teacup.

Breakfast at the Bakery – Emi went to Mistress Ijo’s bakery in the hope of some work, and maybe even a piece of bread. – (Genre – General, Genre – Fantasy, Rating – PG)


Emi peered into the bakers, her stomach growling.

The window was too high unless she was standing right on her tip toes, eyes just peeking over the edge of the window frame. The morning air still had a bitter chill to it, something Emi was even more aware of as the heat of the ovens and smell of freshly baked bread drifted out through the latched window.

Inside, Mistress Ijo hurred about the bakery,ensuring that the day’s batches would be ready to be sold to the soldiers and public who would walk down the main road. Her bakery was one of the best in town, if not the best in the town. According to Timmy, Mistress Ijo’s cakes were simply divine, like having the Goddess Hunr bestow new tastebuds upon a person.

Emi wasn’t sure if Timmy’s description was truly accurate, after all the Goddess Hunr probably had better things to do with her time than bestowing new tastebuds on runaway children in the street. Still, it showed Emi that Timmy was actually learning his letters as he had promised, which gave her hope for their future.

Children usually died out here on the street. Emi was the only person who could take care of her brother, she wouldn’t allow anyone else to look after him. Even though some of the older Kids would offer to look out for Timmy, Emi never liked doing it. It felt a betrayal of her Mother’s final wishes, before the fire had consumed their entire house.

Somehow, Emi had kept her brother alive that day with her Magic. Now she was responsible for keeping him alive using her wits. Magic wouldn’t buy you food or shelter, even if it did grant Emi the ability to cast a sphere of protection around herself and those she chose.

Emi stretched up as far as she could, rapping on the window of the bakery to get Mistress Ijo’s attention. The slim woman turned around, warm eyes just catching Emi’s gaze before she beckoned her inside.

Emi scrambled towards the back door of the bakery, only a simple wooden door painted the colour blue to mark Mistress Ijo’s profession. Tapping her feet impatiently, she glanced up and down the narrow alleyway, which was eerily quiet at this time in the morning. Most of the other businesses were just beginning to set up their shops for the day.

The door opened.

“Emi,” Mistress Ijo said, a smile appearing on her face, “back again?”

“Wondering if you wanted help again?” Emi asked, “I’m free for a few hours.”

“Is Timothy well?” Mistress Ijo asked.

“Yep,” Emi beamed, “older ones are looking after him today, gave me some time to visit.”

“Well you’re too kind,” Mistress Ijo said, stepping out of the doorway to let Emi enter the bakery, “have you had breakfast?”

“Nope,” It was a simple statement of fact, although Emi’s stomach growled in support.

“Come on,” Mistress Ijo said, shutting the door behind Emi, “let’s see what we can fix up for you.”

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