Teacup Story – Deliverance

Teacup Story – a story short enough to fit into a teacup

Deliverance – (Rating: 15, Genre: General, Genre: Horror) –  Elsha figured that if god wanted to make life special he wouldn’t have made people so easy to kill.

Warnings: Contains graphic imagery, murder, death

Blood had a viscosity to it that no other liquid had.

It didn’t run as fast as water, no it crawled down towards the ground. It stained, it ate, it left its mark behind it as it slowly dripped towards the floor.

Drip, drip, drip.

Elsha didn’t care that her dress was ruined, the once bright yellow colour now stained with a rusty red. The hem of the dress was black now, soaking up the blood which ran across the floor. Elsha’s bare feet slapped against the bloody marble floor, toes slipping and sliding against the vicous liquid.

The axe in Elsha hand felt heavy. It always felt heavy and it wasn’t exactly her fault it was heavy. She had to do this, it was her purpose to do this.

Life, after all, was a god given right. Elsha figured that if god wanted to make life special he wouldn’t have made people so easy to kill. They just sliced open like a pack of raw meat at the butchers, so easy to destroy. Not harder than an animal, after all that was all human were.

Elsha didn’t think herself a murderer. No, she was a messenger, not from god but from the raw power of the universe itself. She was the reminder that life was not so sacred, she was the reminder that every living thing could die.

Every living thing deserved to die.

The hotel hallway was deserted, of course they were they had fled in terror when Elsha had arrived. She didn’t understand why they looked so fearful, why they screamed and begged for mercy as Elsha’s axe swung downwards through their skulls.

Mercy wasn’t an option. After all, mercy was only when the murderer had a purpose behind their actions, when they were driven by some other need to prove to others that they were somehow better than others.

Elsha knew she wasn’t better than others. She knew that with every blow she was doing something that was considered wrong. Why it was wrong, Elsha didn’t really care. She didn’t pause to think, she just did. She was a creature of instinct and emotion.

An animal.

A tune came to her lips, a light happy lilting whistle that bubbled up inside her. She let it loose, throwing the tune to the very corners of the vaulted hallway. Her voice, sweet and clear, echoed off the bloody marble walls. It sounded like a choir of angels was whispering to her, wrapping their pure clean voices around her blood stained arms and face and telling her to keep walking.

She turned left, down a deserted hallway. There was another doorway into the main ballroom, this one let her onto the stage where the remains of the orchestra were currently strewn about the room. She had started there first, slicing up those who had accompanied her in her solo performance. Her shoes would still be there, pale yellow to match her dress, discarded to allow her better footing when swinging the axe, slashing and slicing through bodies like a knife through butter.

The remains of the party would be in there now, the final few Elsha had left to escape. This was her favourite part, the final killing was always the sweetest. It was the moment when those still alive recognised the futility of their existence. It was that moment that Elsha lived for, the realisation that life was just a great lie, that humans were nothing more than blood and bones and sacks of raw flesh to be chopped up into tiny little bits.

Drip, drip, drip.

Elsha could hear the crying now, coming from the doorway. She couldn’t help but smile as she twisted the handle, the blood on her hand slick against the gold handle under her fingers. The screams grew louder as she stepped into the room, looking around at the few remaining animals which huddled in the centre of the room like rabbits.

“Hello,” Elsha sung, voice echoing across the pure acoustics of the hall, “I have come to deliver a message.”

“What?” one of the animals replied, voice high and panicked.

That one is the first to die, Elsha thought.

“Death,” Elsha replied simply, smile becoming more predatory.

Then the killing began.

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