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Hi, I’m Alex

I’m a fantasy writer from the UK, and I love writing stories. You can check out my writing, blog and advice posts below!

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Short Stories, Flash Fiction, and a novel in progress. Hundreds of worlds to explore.


Monthly Updates and opinion articles about all things writing and the fantasy genre.

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Want to start writing fantasy? Check out my “How To” Guides giving hints and tips on writing fantasy.

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My Latest Stories

The only limit is yourself (Monday Inspiration)

What is possible to achieve? That’s only limited by one person – you. The limits of your imagination. The limits of your courage. The limits of your determination.

Take Your Time (Opinion Blog)

Social media, along with a fun mix of “look how much this person achieved before they were 30!” media stories, has created an invisible expectation on anyone trying to achieve any goal that you simply must achieve those goals as fast as possible. “So and So person made their own business by the time they … More Take Your Time (Opinion Blog)

Waiting on a Message (From the Archives)

Ele sat staring at her phone, waiting for the text to come in. Around her, chaos reigned. Her parents, the rulers of their Sector, had been murdered in the night. Somehow, someone had managed to get past the security perimeter. Already, the news was breaking across the Sector, screams rose from the streets as the … More Waiting on a Message (From the Archives)


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