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I’m a fantasy writer from the UK, and I love writing stories. You can check out my writing, blog and advice posts below!

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My Latest Flash Fictions

Defeated (From the Archives)

“I can’t,” Tenae whimpered, barely able to hold the cup in his hands. The potion spilt out the sides, hissing at is hit his skin. Pena reached out with a gloved hand and holding it up to Tenae’s lips. It was the tradition, to leave only the strongest warrior standing to be taken as hostage. … More Defeated (From the Archives)

The Lost Exhibit (From the Archives)

“Do you have it?” a female voice said from the shadows. James shuffled on his feet, feeling the weight of the small statute in his pocket. It had taken him months to track it down, and another two to get it across the border for this particular buyer. The lost statute of Anerak, last seen … More The Lost Exhibit (From the Archives)

Reclaiming Ara’banthe

Fathie pulled her headphones over her ears. The noise of the city, the thrum of the cars and the rhythmic thudding of footfalls were drowned out in an instant. Breathe, she told herself. Everything would be okay, after today. Everything would be just as it should be. She turned on her music, and the sound … More Reclaiming Ara’banthe


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