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Monday Inspiration – Ebbs and Flows

Creativity is not constant. It comes in ebbs and flows. Sometimes you have days when it flows strong. You can write, and write and write some more. The worlds fall into place so easily, the description is so vivid it just works. And there are other days that you struggle. Other days that you try… Continue reading Monday Inspiration – Ebbs and Flows

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Volume – (From the Archives)

Loudness deafens even the most difficult of emotions. You drown it. You hold it down underneath the waves of noise and you hold it whilst it struggles for air. Whilst it fights to be heard. You turn the music up louder. You hold it down harder. Then the emotion dies, it gives up. You turn… Continue reading Volume – (From the Archives)

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The Curse of the Silver (Newsletter Short Story)

When Captain Iona finds one of her team dead next to a statue of Raem II, she knows that someone has stolen a cursed object with the notorious Queen Raem II’s tomb. But as more bodies pile up, time is running out to find out who the killer is. And Iona has her own secrets, ones which are more deadly that she realises.

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Six Words (100 Words)

“Will you marry me, Alysia Renay?” Six words. Supposedly six, life changing words. And they were life changing. They were life changing in the way the sun rises about the horizon every morning, bringing with it warmth from the darkness of space. They were life changing in the way that a first sword would change… Continue reading Six Words (100 Words)

Monday Inspiration

Monday Inspiration – You can Finish

I know, the finish line looks so far away, but you can finish it. You can get to the closing pages of your novel. You can type that final line. You can end on a bang and leave readers wanting more. I know you're in the middle of the story right now. You're in the… Continue reading Monday Inspiration – You can Finish

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Idealism – (From the Archives)

It’s not what happened, or who they were, or what they did. You remember the best bits because you want to. You want to get to the good bits, you ignore the bad, you ignore the times when you felt rubbish. You almost wonder, why did I cut them out of my life? You know… Continue reading Idealism – (From the Archives)

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Fantasy to Inspire (Opinion Blog)

“It’s just a book.” If there is one phrase that incites rage in me in is that one. The fact that a book, a story, is nothing more than just a story. It’s just made up. It’s not got meaning. It’s not real. I fundamentally disagree. To assume that because something is not real it… Continue reading Fantasy to Inspire (Opinion Blog)

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Crossing the River Ine (Teacup Story)

Junea pulled the reigns of Ceanol sharply, bringing her to a halt. “Why did you stop?” Kanek asked, pulling up next to Junea. Garne, his horse, stamped impatiently. He was an old racing horse, and he hated standing still for more than a moment at a time. “Do you hear that?” Junea asked. Kanek cocked… Continue reading Crossing the River Ine (Teacup Story)

Monday Inspiration

Monday Inspiration – Make it So

Create the future you want to believe in. Make it possible. Trying to follow a dream is more than just creating the thought. It's digging deeper in yourself and finding a way to make it possible. Even if you know there will be pitfalls, even if you know it will be hard. You can create… Continue reading Monday Inspiration – Make it So

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Composure – (From the Archives)

Tegan tried to hold the tears in as she tapped away on her screen. She could feel her cheeks flush and the humiliation rising. “Hey, Tegan,” Jasmine asked, “how’s that project going?” “Fine,” Tegan croaked. She had to hold her composure. She couldn’t show it was too much. She couldn’t. First posted in 2019. || Image Credit:… Continue reading Composure – (From the Archives)