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Hi, I’m Alex

I’m a fantasy writer from the UK, and I love writing stories. Now, I’ve chosen to share my stories, tips and opinions on all things fantasy with the internet.

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Short Stories, Flash Fiction, and a novel in progress. Hundreds of worlds to explore.


Monthly Updates and opinion articles about all things writing and the fantasy genre.

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Want to start writing fantasy? Check out my “How To” Guides giving hints and tips on writing fantasy.

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My Latest Stories

Be Authentic (Monday Inspiration)

Writing comes from the heart. You story is unique because you are unique. No matter how many times you think you might have seen this story before, your story is uniquely yours. So be authentic with yourself, be authentic with your story.

Living in Uncertain (May Blog)

This month has been another month of the uncertain. Uncertain routine, uncertain world, uncertain possibilities. In the backdrop of all of this uncertainty, writing has both been a gift and a curse. Gift, because it gives me some much needed structure and a longer term goal than get through this week. A curse, because amidst … More Living in Uncertain (May Blog)

Volume (From the Archives)

Loudness deafens even the most difficult of emotions. You drown it. You hold it down underneath the waves of noise and you hold it whilst it struggles for air. Whilst it fights to be heard. You turn the music up louder. You hold it down harder. Then the emotion dies, it gives up. You turn … More Volume (From the Archives)


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